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25th May 2008

visual_idols10:04pm: Bleach cosplay!!!
Hello! We are first Ukrainian cosplay-group, V[isual] Idols. We want to know, how you like our new Bleach cosplay. So, please send us some comments And let's be friends! <3

Anime: Bleach

Soifon - Lina Freiheit

Byakuya Kuchiki - Kira Winter

Renji Abarai - Fei Betina

Toshiro Hitsugaya - Eini Lei

Rangiku Matsumoto - Klodia Elis

// ///// /

25th February 2007

themodestotter2:42pm: Memey meme meme

Hey look! A meme! OVER THERE!

Bleachy Bleach meme
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26th October 2006

whitecottontail12:31am: Just letting you all know that bleach_academy1 is a brand new rpg community and accepting applications. A lot of the roles are open!

7th October 2006

mihano_chan12:47am: Update : 10/6/06
Over 200 Bleach Merchandise, Cosplay Outfit And More.......

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
*These are just teasers*
Click the link below for more
Check out for more manga/anime goods (artbooks, tarot cards, calendars, pencil boards...) at my LJ Sale

30th August 2006

haku10:31pm: Seeking new members for a Bleach AU RP!



We’ve all been through it. The pain of having hours upon hours of homework, of being nagged at by teachers and parents alike, all for mere numbers and letters on a report card. Coffee has quickly become every student’s best friend, and night all too quickly becomes day as we realize that English class starts in just two more hours, and you’ve barely written three paragraphs of your assigned 30-page thesis.

But now, we’re not alone.

Welcome to || KARAKURA UNIVERSITY ||, an alternative universe roleplay that throws characters from Bleach into a torture worse than being eaten by a Hollow: the horrors of college life.

However, unlike the popular series by Kubo Tite, spirit force has absolutely no bearing whatsoever; the only thing all of the characters have is an affiliation with the University, whether as a student, professor, or other staff member.

Information & Rules || Open & Taken Characters || Applications || Questions & Comments


Hey everyone, haku here, founder of the Bleach AU comm kara_uni! Fall semester is about to begin, and we're desperately seeking new characters to liven the place up! There are many major character positions open, from those in Karakura (Orihime, Ishida, Chad, Kisuke, etc.), to those in Soul Society (Soi Fong, Kenpachi, Mayuri, etc.), to Vais (Shinji, Lisa, Kensei, etc.), and even Arrancar (Aizen, Di Roy, Grimmjow, etc.). We've always open to new players and also those new to RPs altogether (heck, this is the first RP that two of our mods have been in)! So please check it out! Thanks! ^__^ ♥

28th July 2006

Hey guys! There are many character positions open within this RPG community, please do check it out! <3

!WANRNING! This is a Bleach RPG played up to the most recent events in the manga! This will contain spoilers! If you do not want to ruin the story (which I suggest you do not) please stop at this point!

The Lords of Hell are coming.

After centuries of governing their own, they are no longer satisfied with leaving mankind and the death gods to their own devices. They want them all, to spread Hell on Earth and expand their infernal kingdom.

It is their time.

And so it was that in the year 2006, when the barriers between the Soul Society, Mankind, and Hell are at it's weakest, the mouth of Hell will open, singing a song of death and the purest of destruction. Nothing will be left alive; nothing will be safe, and this will be the final stand for humans and death gods both. Reseal the breach, and save the worlds, if you can.

The Lords Of Hell are coming.

21st March 2006

tennis_plum5:52pm: New Bleach RP! :D
Hey! Just wanted to pimp an RP I just joined.. :D I play both Momo and Mizuiro, and we are seriously in need of a few key characters; Ichigo, Ishida, Shuukaku, and others!

Karakura High School RPG

A new semester has just begun as Karakura High! This RP was inspired by seireitaihs and konoha_hs. What's it about? We've taken characters from Kubo Tite's hit series Bleach and threw them all into a private high school setting with NO supernatural skills, NO shinigami powers, and NO control over the crack. Instead, this concentrates on just how messed up our favorite characters would be if they had to live the lives many of us manage every day. Let the crack-times roll..

And since the character list seems hard to navigate for everyone, here is a list of taken characters thus far. I'm pretty sure the mods are open for character suggestions, too, but the characters MUST be cannon. :O THE LIST!Collapse )

There are still tons of characters open, so check the character list for them~ :D See you guys there!

15th February 2000

romeomustdie94:13am: Bleach c 214 english - released by Lunar Ecstacy

Otaku community and scanlation group.

Latest releases:
Bleach chapter 214 english

(xposted in all_for_bleach community)

27th January 2006

winter_ruins11:53am: Due to an attempt to revive an RPG, and to test out my new application system, and from our new mod telling us to, I'm gonna pimp out an RPG. It's a multifandom RPG, Highschool AU. One of the first, I'd like to believe (It's well over a year old). And here I am, pimping it to you.

mugenjou_high. Not all the taken characters are listed in the user info though, due to me not keeping track of all of them (I'll ask our new mod if she can maybe add some that I've missed to it).

Please join. =D We'd love to have some new players. We've had Bleach characters before, so we would prefer that if you took one up you get caught up on their background (especially Rukia), but if you wish to restart their character you're welcome to do that too.

((X-pimped all over the place. Apologies if you've seen this or a similar pimp anywhere else on your flist)).
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4th October 2005

selurnis8:17pm: Guest Suggestion for Otakon 2006
I've started a thread/poll on the Otakon website's board to see if anyone else might be interested in possibly meeting Joshua Seth as a guest at Otakon 2006.


Please take a moment to look at the poll -and if you would be so kind, please vote yes to wanting to have him as a guest.

He's the voice of Tetsuo in the recently digitally remastered version of the Akira movie, of which the original version made a huge impression for people about anime around 1990.

He was also Hige from Wolf's Rain, and Tai from the Digimon series, as well as Million Knives from Trigun. He's also got some video game credits, cast as Chaos and Hermann in Xenosaga II.

His other credits are listed on this Anime News Network page:

Thank you for your time.

6th August 2005

_alostdream5:42pm: Jump Awards
Hey, everyone! I just opened up a new icon contest =D It's based of manga published by Shonen Jump so that means you can submit Bleach icons! You can use anime images too ^_^ So please come join :D I'll post a welcome post when I get some members, haha.

jump_awards jump_awards jump_awards jump_awards jump_awards jump_awards jump_awards jump_awards jump_awards jump_awards

Crossposted like mad.

20th May 2005

darkshadow_233:23pm: Helloooooo?
Is there still anyone out that? Come on, this is a BLEACH community!! It should be insanely active... Anyways, I coloured a new piece =)


Please critique me?

14th April 2005

darkshadow_235:04pm: Coloured: Chapter 174
Um.... did this community die or something O_o;;; Anyways, I'm here to share a Bleach manga piece that I coloured!

You can see it here: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/17229139/

Please comment there if you have an account on deviantart... if you don't please comment here! I've just recently started colouring so I would like some suggestions =)

Oh, and here's another one I did a little while longer ago:


8th March 2005

selurnis11:52pm: Fanart post~~
Title: "That Bites"
Character: Izuru
Genre/Rating: Fanart / pretty PG...?
Artist: selurnis
Notes: I mixed the media a bit in this one. I did it first in watercolor, then highlighted some of it with coloring pencil, then markered it. Then I realized the markering turned out crappy, so I threw it into Photoshop and covered it up. XP

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28th December 2004

selurnis11:31pm: ARGH!!
Do NOT get volume 53 of (Japanese) Shounen weekly jump!! >__<

It had such a nice Bleach cover, but the inside only had like FIVE pages of Bleach stuff and it was only on two side-characters!! >__< That's all! FIVE pages of two woman having at it! *FREAKS OUT*
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20th October 2004

fistofdemonking12:10am: Hello
Hey guys. I just joined and figured I'd introduce myself. I've read the Bleach manga up to ch. 138 and seen the 2 episodes of the anime. Bleach is my favorite manga right now and I hope the anime is going to be really good. In my spare time I made some crude Bleach icons. If by some miracle you want to use them just post what ones you take and credit me when you use them. Well that's it. See ya laters.
Check the icons!Collapse )

15th October 2004

shunsuke_virus7:30am: Hey does anyone know where i can ger Scanlations past vol.9?

also i was looking at this community's name and im like "1go?" and i just got it LMAO

9th October 2004

_kyuuketsuki10:32am: hey! =) Hope this is permitted.. but i just opened a new coomunity that features Bleach Screencaps x)~ since the anime is now out! hehe -->


Thanks ^0^
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5th October 2004

darkshadow_236:11pm: Bleach - Anime
I watched the first episode of Bleach in the anime version XD In the Japanese version with no subtitles so I didn't understand a whole lot XP It's pretty much like how the manga was with some differences...

Spoilers... kind of...Collapse )

12th September 2004

selurnis8:04pm: Whoo hoo~!!
I got issue 14 of Bleach!!!! *DANCES*


Ishida is soooo hot when he's thoroughly pissed off!! *o* *drools, slobbers*
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11th September 2004

selurnis12:10am: Characters
Out of the Bleach series, who would you:

[+] Most want as your older brother:
[+] Would like as your younger brother:
[+] Want as your older sister:
[+] Think would make a good little sister:
[+] Like as a boyfriend/girlfriend:
[+] Likely be best friends with:
[+] Fall in love with secretly but never confess:
[+] Share your deepest, darkest secrets with:
[+] Choose as leader if you were ever in a group that needed to be led:
[+] Have a one-night-stand with:
[+] Kill, if you could get away with it:
[+] KILL, even if you had to suffer the consequences:
[+] Want with you if you were ever stranded with only one other person:
[+] Wish was in love with you:
[+] Most likely marry, but then divorce:
[+] Most likely have a successful marriage with:
[+] If you had a kid, whose personality would you want your child's to be most like:
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9th September 2004

selurnis8:05pm: Blurbs
[cut and pasted from my own journal]:

In every issue of Bleach there's a short blurb in there of what the characters say.

I'm completely in love with Sado's (Chad's).

It roughly translates to: "If I don't carry a sword, I can't protect you; If I don't put down the sword, I can't embrace you."

I think if I had a blurb in Bleach, mine would be:

"If my most beloved died, I would go on living sound and well; am I cruel that way? If I died and left my most beloved behind, would I want him to live sound and well? I think I would turn into a Hollow and devour him; I am selfish that way..."
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selurnis12:37am: WHOOT~

Horray for BLEACH! XD

So what's everyone think of the characters' blurbs at the beginning of every volume? Whose is your favorite?
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